You Have Two Who Are Praying for Your Victory!

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The other day I was chatting on the phone with a friend. We were talking about fear and the impact it is having during this coronavirus pandemic. Let’s face it – the quarantine has gone on longer than any of us imagined. And as we stay at home, it’s easy for our minds to go to all the “what if’s” … right? What if school doesn’t start in the Fall? What if I lose my job? What if the economy doesn’t bounce back? What if my loved ones contract the disease and I can’t be with them? Oh, a million what if’s might be pummeling your mind right now. Our enemy, Satan, really has no new tricks. He keeps trying to fill our minds with fear. But we have two members of the eternal Godhead interceding for us! 

I’ve been studying Romans 8 in my time with Jesus. Oh, it’s one of my favorites! I’m leisurely journeying through it and in no rush. It’s packed with truth and reassurance, especially for a season such as this! This morning, I was reminded that we have not just one member of the eternal Godhead praying for us, but two!  

The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. When we don’t know what to pray, He intercedes for us! In fact, He groans on our behalf, fighting for our faith before the Father (Romans 8:26-27). So often I hit a wall when praying. I’m so overwhelmed by the situation I may not even know how to pray. But here’s the great thing; the Holy Spirit is never baffled or confused. He prays with clarity for the exact will of God in your life and for those you love. What blessed assurance we have. 

The Spirit is not the only member of the Godhead praying for us. We have Jesus, the Anointed Savior, who lives to intercede for us. We just celebrated the profound victory Christ won for us on the cross by dying for our sin and then victoriously conquering death. He now lives, interceding for you! He prays for you continually. He’s not just aware of every ache of your heart, but He is carrying that burden before the Father (Romans 8:34). 

Think about it. The people you are praying for – The Holy Spirit and Jesus are interceding for as well. The children you are praying for who have walked away from their faith – The Holy Spirit and Jesus are continually interceding for. The times when fear and doubt threaten to overwhelm you – The Holy Spirit and Jesus are pleading with the Father for stronger faith for you. Talk about a dynamic prayer team! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Abba Father, I praise you that you know every detail of my life. Thank you that when my burdens feel so heavy, you invite me to come to you and lay them at your feet. I praise you that as I am praying, the Holy Spirit is interceding for me with groans and Jesus is interceding for me at your right hand. Oh Lord God, thank you! Right now, I am wrestling with fear and “What if’s”.  I feel so burdened for _____________________ (put the name of the person or the name of an issue you are burdened for in the blank). Thank you that as I fight for them on my knees, You, are fighting for them in the heavenlies. I praise you in advance for the victory you will accomplish. Thank you that as I keep my mind focused on you, you will cloth my mind with peace. 

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