Will You be Faithful?

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Early this morning, I was reading about the Old Testament King, Joash. He became king at only seven years old and did “what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight.” (2 Kings 12:2) As a child and young person, he sought the Lord with all His heart and listened to godly advice. But then, later, after his mentor, Jehoiada’s death, the leaders of Judah persuaded him to listen to their advice. The only problem? Their advice was not godly. As a result, King Joash, turned away from His first love and allowed other idols in Judah. When the Lord sent His prophet, Zechariah to warn Joash and bring him back to His love for God, Joash had Zechariah murdered! (2 Chronicles 24:19-22). Horrible huh?  Especially repulsive since Zechariah was his mentor’s son.

The question for you and I is, how did Joash move so quickly away from his passion for God and listen to such terrible advice? Can we move that quickly away from our first love? I think it begins when we allow someone or something to become an idol in our lives. An Idol is anything that we love more than God. It’s easy to convince ourselves that we don’t have any idols until we take a closer look.  What about our careers? What about our spouses? What about our children? What about our dreams and ambitions? God calls us to continually, day after day, surrender every idol and bow only at HIs feet. Thankfully, we have the Holy Spirit who continually woos us back.

As you consider this thought today, I encourage you to listen to:

“I Surrender” by HIllsong United on their Cornerstone Album and “Exalted Alone” by Shannon Wexelberg from her new album Take Heart. Ask the Lord to search your heart and to increase your love for Him. Exalt Him alone!

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  1. Keri
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    I love when God speaks to me in themes. Your blog topic yesterday directly answers the question posed in this entry today. I have repeatedly allowed the busyness (idol) of life to distract me from what I desire to be the center of it all, my first love. I find myself in the dreadful cycle of illuminating that fire inside and being “super focused” and excited about my relationship with God, only to once again become overwhelmed with the obligations/responsibilities of everyday life. When I should be most engaged and leaning on my one Source of Strength, is when I find myself drifting the furthest (isn’t that how satan would like it?).
    … working on submerging myself in Him and letting go of some “to do” list items that maybe I just don’t NEED to do, and in turn I expect that those responsibilities that still remain on my plate will become much less of a burden as He will help carry the load. 🙂

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