Where in the world is Becky?

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I’m sure many of you are wondering, “Where is Becky?” Over the last few weeks I’ve been on Sabbatical with my hubby and have just recently returned from Nigeria, Africa. What an amazing trip!   For days, I’ve been thinking about what to blog and honestly, there is so much, I haven’t known where to start. But, one thought that keeps coming to mind concerns heaven. Not that Nigeria is heavenly, because I’m not sure you’d describe it that way. It’s more the Nigerian believers and their views of heaven.

While we in Nigeria, my husband, Steve, had the opportunity to preach in a local church. As he was preparing to preach we heard about a terrorist attack that had taken place two weeks prior about 20 minutes away.  I have to admit, I felt a bit anxious.  The following day on Sunday, we asked the believers if they felt fearful. While they admitted that at times they are nervous, they said, “We believe, that the safest place is in the will of God. We also believe that this is not really our home, heaven is our true home. We remind ourselves often, it’s just a matter of when we get to go home!” What an attitude!

That Sunday, during church I watched women and men dance down the aisles with joy to the beat of drums as they willingly gave their offerings. If heaven is truly our home – giving is a no brainer because you won’t need your money in heaven.

I listened as men and women sang their hearts out in worship to the living God. If heaven is our true home – worshipping here is merely our dress rehearsal. Some day we will bow before the King of kings and the Lord of lords and worship for all eternity.

I felt the peace of men and women around me as they listened to my husband preach. If heaven is our true home – we don’t have to fear dying because it’s merely a change of address. Moving into our eternal home.

I still have a lot to process as I consider all I experienced in Africa, but these are just a few preliminary thoughts. I’d love your thoughts about heaven. Leave a comment!


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