Where do you need God's guidance this week?

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I wonder what lies before you as we enter this new week? I bet you are facing some new opportunities and challenges. And, perhaps some old challenges as well.  As I look at my own week and my “to-do” list, I know I need God’s wisdom this week, and I need God’s presence and peace this week. What about you? Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Feeling you need direction or wisdom?  As you look at the week ahead, these words might be for you, “I will personally go with you.” (Exodus 33:14) I love this promise. God’s presence went with Moses guiding him every step of the journey as he led the children of Israel through the desert, to the promised land. But, I believe that promise is also for you and me. We now have God’s presence not only with us but in us through the Holy Spirit!  (John 14:17)  I am circling this promise and believing that as I move into this new week – God’s presence goes with me to lead and guide me in my journey. I can depend on it and trust that He is there.


How about you? Where do you need God’s presence and direction this week?  What does it look like for you to live fully present to Him so that you don’t miss the way? Thoughts?

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  1. Carri Butler
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    Thank you for this reminder! I have a daunting week ahead, sometimes it makes my head spin. Bringing Him on my journey is just what I needed to remember. Thank you Becky!

  2. Valerie
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    Tuesday will be the 9th anniversary of my dad’s suicide. I am so thankful that God is always with me and my family, but especially so on the days when life really hurts and His comfort and peace are so needed.

    • admin
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      Valerie, I am so sorry about your father’s suicide! I can’t imagine how difficult that has been. Praying that God wraps you in HIs love this week!

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