When Your Dreams Die, It’s Time For a Resurrection

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Each of us have had dreams that have died. We’ve wondered, “Where is God? Can He resurrect this mess?”


Mary must have wondered that as she stood outside the tomb weeping. Jesus had been crucified, now His body was missing! She had witnessed many miracles of Jesus and had even experienced her own. Jesus had delivered her from demonic activity and set her free. But the last few days had felt devastating. Every hope and dream shattered!


As she leaned in to the tomb, two men dressed in white spoke and asked her why she was crying. Trying to stifle her sobs, Mary responded, “They have taken away my Lord and I don’t know where they had laid him.” Seconds after the words were out of her mouth, Mary felt someone standing behind her. Blinded by her own grief, she didn’t recognize that it was Jesus. It wasn’t until Jesus spoke Mary’s name that Mary realized Jesus hadn’t abandoned her. He had kept His promise! (John 20:11-17).



When your dreams die, here are four truths to help you remember that God is in the business of resurrections:


  1. Jesus weeps with you. We don’t see Jesus weeping at the empty tomb where Mary Magdalene cried, but we do see Him weeping at another tomb. Remember the story of Lazarus? Even though Jesus knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the grave, He stood there with tears streaming down His Almighty face weeping with Mary and Martha. (John 11:35). When life is falling apart, remember that Jesus empathizes and weeps with you.
  2. Jesus knows your name. God may seem aloof when your dreams die, but He has not abandoned you. He calls you by name. He invites you to open your eyes and see Him in His risen form, ready and able to help you.
  3. Jesus values community. After Mary saw the risen Christ, He told her to go tell and be with the other disciples. Jesus invites us to community whether we’re grieving or celebrating.
  4. Jesus brings beauty from the ashes. When your dreams die, it’s hard to believe that God can bring something good out of the bad. And yet that’s the message of the resurrection. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus takes the evil in our lives – the seemingly bad – and transforms it into something beautiful. He replaces old desires with new and vibrant dreams.


Friend, as you face disappointments, remember every dream that dies opens the way for a resurrection. And Jesus is in the business of resurrection!


Here’s a question for you to consider: how have broken dreams in the past paved the way for a resurrection of new dreams in your life? Please leave a comment, as your story will encourage others!






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  1. Barbara
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    This message couldn’t have come to my inbox at a better moment. Thank you…. we have been on an adoption journey for the past few years. We had two failed baby girl adoptions…it was devastating. However, that journey lead us to be foster parents. I thought that the failed adoptions were part of God’s greater plan… it was our path to foster care. We finished our classes and paperwork over the last 6 months and were finally certified to foster in February. We fostered twice. Both were only for a month. All sweet children from 1 to 5 years old. A good start. However, lately my 16 year old son has been experiencing some social anxiety plus the added typical challenging teen behavior on top of it. This evening my husband said he is done with foster care atleast for the next several years until the kids are gone. That it is not in his heart at this time…. not even short term care. Our foster care story ended faster then it started. Tonight I found myself asking God over and over again, “What do you want? What do you want?” I don’t understand. Isn’t this our calling? Did we fail? Or did we hear God wrong and take the wrong path? I don’t know. Regardless…the dream died today. I hope and pray there will be a Resurrection… maybe my son’s health? I don’t know. I can only hope and pray!

    I feel like I am in mourning… and lost. Letting go of what i thought was my calling… and back to not knowing what God’s will is for us. I don’t know. Hopefully something amazing.

    …. I feel terrible being angry at God on Easter of all days. His son took the cross for me, and I am complaining about my small problems… Look what he did for me!

    Thank you for letting me rant. Can I please ask for prayers for my son…That he is comforted by the Holy Spirit when he is anxious around people. Pray that he is given the words to speak without feeling socially awkward… and please pray that he finds a summer job that will help bring him out of his shell. Thank you for your post Becky! I will read it again in the morning to get me off on the right step.

  2. BAMBIE Christensen
    | Reply

    I spent 18 years believing i was “all that”, so much holier than thou. I judged everyone i knew including my family. I was so gross and using Gods name in my judging. Thinking everyone was just “religious”. But I was the one that was guilty. God pulled everything I put my faith in right out from under me. I was devastated and undone. I truly believed thay I had rejected God for the last time. I allowed the enemy to have a hey day with my mind. In the midst of my shame and despair I confessed to a girl at work that I had been judging her and had made fun of her and had said she wasn’t a real christian. I said I was sorry and she just grabbed me and began thanking Jesus for me, and thanked Him that He makes beauty from ashes! I couldn’t believe it!!! So much love! I knew it was God’s love. She gave me the 30 day Praise challenge. It took a long time for me to pick it up, but when I did, God really began to transform me on the inside. My journey is far from over, but Jesus really does make beauty from ashes! He is so good! They overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony! He will NEVER leave you or forsake you! I am in awe of how God relentlessly pursues us. He loved me untill I believed that He loved me! It’s why He died! Oh praise Him! Praise Him in the storm, even when you don’t feel He’s there. I promise…He is there. He loves to here you sing! He is coming through for you, it’s who He is! God has redeemed me and my relationship with my family. He is a Good Good Father!

  3. Barbara
    | Reply

    Well… God works swiftly. This morning my husband said he had a moment of weakness yesterday. He said he is open to short term emergency placements. (That is when they can’t find a foster home for a child, and they need a place that day… until they find a long term foster home for for the child.) So, I don’t know. Maybe this is still the path God wants us to continue to pursue. I can only hope….

  4. Barbara
    | Reply

    Hi Bambie…. I read the 30 Day Praise Challenge as well. It was so uplifting. I also read 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents. I think I should probably break that one back out and reread it. I highly recommend it!


  5. Dawn Wilson
    | Reply

    This spoke to my heart today as I’m thinking through whether the Lord wants to “revive” an old dream or give me a new one. Thank you, Becky.

    I’m remembering God’s faithfulness in the past … using my mistakes, changing my attitudes, blessing me when I least deserve it … and it reminds me His faithfulness is without end, to all generations. I can trust Him when my circumstances make no sense.

    I just shared your post on my Facebook page.

  6. Allen Schneider
    | Reply

    I think now I have my sermon outline for next Easter!

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