When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Overwhelmed. Ever felt that way? I certainly have. You look all around you and circumstances are such that you might feel paralyzed. I think this is the way the servant of Elisha felt. The king of Aram had sent troops  to kill Elisha and when Elisha’s servant went outside early in the morning, “there were troops, horses and chariots everywhere.” (2 Kings 6: 15)  Elisha’s servant panicked and rightly so, who could blame him? Elisha encouraged his servant, “Don’t be afraid!”, “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” Then Elisha prayed that his servants eyes would be opened to see and feel the Lord’s protection. At that moment Elisha’s servant’s eyes were opened and he saw an army of angels surrounding and protecting them. (2 Kings 6:8-23)

When I feel overwhelmed and paralyzed, I need the Lord to “open my eyes” to HIs plans, purposes, and promises. What about you? Do your life circumstances feel overwhelming? Do you feel paralyzed? Ask the Lord, to open your eyes so that you might see and know and feel His sovereign purposes.You might pray something like this:

Lord, I praise you that you are sovereign over all of my life circumstances. I praise you that nothing crosses my path without first coming through your hands. Lord, today I feel overwhelmed by (name your situation) but I praise you that you promise to give me wisdom, courage, and strength. Open my eyes, so that I might not see only looming problems but that my eyes might be lifted to focus on your glory above my circumstances. Help me to focus on you today! Amen.

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    Finding comfort in your post today!
    Thank you.

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