When You Feel Disillusioned

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When the Passover feast came to an end, two of Jesus’ followers began to walk home. They were likely disillusioned as they left Jerusalem. They had put all their confidence in Jesus believing Him to be the “Messiah” but had watched in disbelief as their Messiah had been crucified. This was not the end they had imagined. As they began the seven mile walk back from Jerusalem to Emmaus, Jesus Himself showed up unexpectedly and began to walk with them! (Luke 24:14-17) Jesus was in His risen body form and so HIs two depressed followers didn’t recognize Him. When Jesus joined them He asked what they were discussing. The two followers were shocked at His question and asked, “Are you the only one in two who hasn’t heard about what’s gone on the last few days?” One of the men named Cleopas began to tell Jesus all that had happened and how all their hopes had been devastated. (Luke 24:21) Finally, after a seven mile walk they sat down to dinner together and when the risen Jesus once again took the bread and broke it giving thanks their eyes were opened. (Luke 24:30-31)

As I was reflecting on this story this morning I realize that we are often like the men on the road to Emmaus. We have expectations for God and we believe that He will behave in a certain way and accomplish certain things on our behalf. When God doesn’t pull through in a way we expect it’s easy to doubt and want to walk away from our faith. It is at those critical moments that Jesus calls us to surrender our expectations in favor of God’s sovereignty. Usually this requires grieving on our part. But only as we release our idea, and grieve our loss can acceptance come.

Are you disillusioned today? Are you disappointed in a way God has answered your prayers? Can you dare to surrender your expectations in favor of HIs will? Release your grip and grieve. Hope comes when we finally acknowledge that we serve a God who calls us to die to our dreams, but then accomplishes a resurrection in keeping with His plan.

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