When you feel disappointed in God's answer

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Last week I posted that my daughter and her husband, were headed out of state to adopt a child. Well, things did not turn out as we had expected. From every appearance it seemed as though God was leading them to this particular baby girl. But, a few days after this precious baby girl was born, the birth mom changed her mind.  In my heart a million questions rose to the surface. But, God?  Why? This morning, I needed a little break from the Chronological Bible and the book of Numbers. So, I turned to the Psalms.   Psalm 13 spoke to my heart this morning.   I love that David is so honest in sharing his feelings with God. When we read through the Psalms written by him it is as if we are privy to his personal journal.  “How long, O Lord?” (Psalm 13:1) Ever asked that question? I certainly have.  “Will you forget me forever?” (Psalm 13:1) Ever felt forgotten by God? I certainly have.  “HOw long must I wrestle with my thoughts?” Ever wrestled with doubt? I certainly have.  But, after pouring out his heart to God David makes this proclamation of faith, “But I trust in your unfailing love.”  (Psalm 13:5) Sometimes, we just need to declare by faith that we trust God’s goodness and His unfailing love. By declaring it out loud, faith is nurtured in our hearts. This morning I spent a long time with the Lord. I poured out my heart to Him.   I asked my questions.  I listened to worship music and praised HIs goodness by faith. I declared that I trust in His unfailing love, even though from a human perspective I don’t understand His decision on this one. As I move into my day, I feel hope rising!

Today, if you are feeling disappointed in God’s answer to one of your requests, pour out your heart and then praise Him by faith that He is good and that He loves you.

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  1. Keri
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    Thanks for the encouragement. My heart breaks for my sister. Love you mom!

  2. Pastor Dan Baty
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    Appreciate your thoughts this morning, Becky. Keri posted them on FB and they are right in synch with a discussion I was having with another friend about David’s view of God and how that affected his communication with God. I think the Lord wants me to think about this some more today. Thanks for sharing.

    • admin
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      Thanks, Dan!

  3. kathy burrus
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    Oh Becky,
    We’ve just walked that journey twice-with the same couple. I’m so sorry for the loss for all of you.
    Love you!

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