When it feels like all hell is breaking loose at home

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It’s easy when raising kids to focus on the negative. You know, those moments when you feel like you’re gonna tear your hair out or those times when you wonder how on earth your child could make such a foolish choice. Every parent knows those moments!


The best way I know to change your perspective as a parent, is to in the words of Jeremiah the prophet, “Consider what God has done” (Jeremiah 7:13). When the arguments feel endless, the chaos is overwhelming or you feel like a complete failure as a parent, that’s the exact moment to shift your focus. Look up. Pause, pull away and reflect…


Here are a few questions to help you consider what God has done:


  1. Where have you seen evidence of God working in your child’s life? Maybe as a toddler they asked Jesus to be a part of their life. Hang on to that and praise God that He never stops pursuing. Maybe as a teen your son went on a mission trip and God spoke to Him. Now that he’s an adult, it feels like he’s forgotten. Friend, the story is not over! God doesn’t give up and neither should you. Pray scripture over your prodigal but also write down specific times you remember when God seemed very evident in your child’s life. Keep your list close. Remembering builds hope!
  2. What miracles have you seen in your parenting journey? Remembering the miracles, keeps you mindful that God is on your side. He’s rooting for you and for your child. Recording the miracles that you have seen will shift your focus off the problems and on to the miracles that God has already done. The miracles remind you that God is working on behalf of your child. Think through, has God ever healed your child miraculously? Has He ever provided financially in a way you never imagined? Celebrate the miracles.
  3. Ask the Lord if there is anything He wants you to change or do differently. Sit quietly before the Lord and surrender your feelings to Him. Then Ask Him to speak to you. Ask Him if there is something specific He wants you to change. I believe the Holy Spirit of God speaks to us today but you have to be quiet long enough to hear His voice. He promises to give us wisdom. (James 1:5) He may speak to you in the moment or at a later time. He may speak through a friend or co-worker or through scripture. He may speak through a song or through the soft whisper of His voice deep in your spirit. Train your ear to listen to His voice as you parent.


Above all friend, don’t give up hope! There will be nightmare type of days in the parenting journey. There will be moments when you feel like a failure. But, God is still sovereign. He is still working and pursuing your child’s heart. So pause, pull away and reflect…


I’d love to hear from you. Which of the three questions is the most applicable to you in your situation? Leave a comment and I’ll choose one and give away a free copy of The 30 Day Praise Challenge For Parents. I’ll choose a name on Friday – so check back in and see who wo

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  1. Dawn
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    Thank you for your ministry. I started the 30 day challenge a week ago and it has spoken to me deeply. The question that speaks to me is the first one. I have 5 children my oldest being 22 and youngest 5. My oldest has been on a journey with God the last couple of years and it has been hard and very lonely at times. What has helped me is knowing that he is wrestling with God and has not left him. I have asked all these questions and God is good all the time! Thank you again I truley needed this challenge at this time in my life:)

  2. Leah
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    I’dhave to say it is hard to pick between numbers 1& 3 but this morning one of my first thoughts was that I need to listen to what God is daying. There are many discouraging messages running through my head. They have to be directly from our advasary, the devil. He sure is seeking to distroy! I have been very discouraged in parenting my 16 year old son. He is so often paralized by anxiety and negatuve thinking. He seems to want to convince me of his negative vieepoint which is so exhausting to be around. Yesterday I was hoping to find a support group for parents of teens and instead heard you on Susie Larson’s program. It was so helpful to me! Thank you for the encouragement!
    So, I would have to say number 1. God is clearly telling me to find my strength in Him and His word. He is strong enough to combat all that negative thinking!

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