What's Your Design?

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Wow!  God gave so much thought to the design of the tabernacle, didn’t He? I mean have you read about each piece and how it was to be designed? (Exodus 25-30, 35-39) The tabernacle was to be a holy sanctuary where God would meet with His people. Because God values beauty He filled craftsmen of all kinds with His Spirit so that the Sanctuary would reflect HIs beauty.  Here’s the amazing thing; Did you know that you are the sanctuary of the living God? (I Corinthians 6:19) You were designed with even more intentionality to show forth God’s beauty. If you doubt that, spend a little time reading and reflecting on Psalm 139 today!   There the Psalmists declares, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  (Psalm 139:14) God designed you with outward beauty to reflect HIs glory. You were designed uniquely and no one else has your exact design!   He gave you gifts to be used here on earth to show HIs love to others. When you use the gifts He has given you, your life is filled with purpose and meaning. My question for you is do you know your own unique design?

In Freedom From Performing I included a chapter that helps you discover your own unique design!  Included in that chapter is what I’ve called “The Design Profile”.  I would love to give away some free copies of Freedom today!  But, here’s what I need you to do.  Leave a comment here about discovering your unique design. And then email my assistant, Kathy Worland at kworland@foothillsonline.org  Email her your address and let her know you won a free copy of my book Freedom From Performing.  She will put a signed copy in the mail to you. But, You must leave a comment. The first five people to leave a comment will win a book!

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  1. sara ashworth
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    I love how God plans everything out piece by piece in our own lives!!

  2. Doug
    | Reply

    I would like to find out what my unique design is?

  3. Kristen Clack
    | Reply

    Your book sounds awesome, so pertinent to women. I’ve never reflected on any design uniqueness in me ever before. Instead, I’ve spent most of my time trying to earn other people’s love and acceptance by fitting into what I think my design SHOULD be. I can’t wait to read your book!

  4. Melissa
    | Reply

    Loved hearing you speak at ORU this weekend, especially what you said about joy. Out was such a blessing.

  5. Colleen Ashworth
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    I have gleaned so much from your “Freedom from Performing” book. Thank you so much for being transparent! There is such peace and joy found in embracing God’s design for me. And also to focus on what God may have planned for when He gave me my unique package of gifts, talents and interests. Thanks again! (I am also reading through the Bible this year using a Chronological study Bible! – It was amazing to me to find out you were doing the same thing!)

  6. Sara H
    | Reply

    I think that figuring out who you are in Gods eyes is the key to seeing how wonderful we all are. Our human side wants to see all the flaws but thank you God for seeing none!!

    • Marcia
      | Reply

      This sounds so helpful at this stage in my life. pushing 60 & finally trying to figure out God’s design after to many years of preforming & doing. Now I want to be, help!

  7. Jennifer B
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    I didn’t make the first 5, but I still wanted to comment. 🙂 It truly blows my mind that in the way God prepared Esther “for such a time as this”…for something important, for something glorifying to Him…that He does that for each of us. I am finally getting it through to my soul that I matter that much to him, too! Thank you for the post & reminder.

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