What are you facing this week that is beyond your own abilities?

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I am reading through the Chronological Bible this year in my quiet time and I’d love for you to join me in the journey. So throughout the week, I’ll be posting some reflections on what I read that day. If the passage on any particular day is extremely difficult, and some of them are – we’ll just focus on praise. Agreed?

In Genesis 41:16 Joseph said, “It is beyond my power to do this………but God.” I love those words and they hit me square between the eyes this morning. Those of you who know me well, know that I struggle with self doubt. As I look at different facets of my life I often think, “It is beyond my power to do this.” If I camp out in that thought, I freak out! I need the “but, God.” You see that changes everything for me, that’s where hope is found. Yes, there are many things that I can’t do in my own strength, but God – He is the God of all power, the God of all wisdom, and the God who says, “With me nothing is impossible.”(Luke 1:37)

What about you? You might feel it is beyond your power to get out of debt. Or, you might feel it is beyond your power to get a job. Or, it is beyond your power to raise your kids. Or, it is beyond your power to salvage your marriage. Or, It is beyond your power to do what is expected of you at work. Friend, for you and for me hope comes when we realize and embrace the “But God.” Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) But,with Him our lives become more fruitful than we ever imagined.

Today, I am going to focus my praise on the fact that with God I can do everything He calls me to do! What about you? Thoughts?

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