Trusting God

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Growing up, I used to sing the Old Hymn, “Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus”. Any of you remember that song? I often sing that song to my little grandson, Joshua as I rock him to sleep. I find it to be a great reminder that I am to be trusting in Jesus. Trust is hard though isn’t it? It cuts to the core of my anxiety – either I trust God, or I don’t.

In Numbers 19, Moses hit the rock to provide water for the people rather than speaking to the rock as God had instructed him. The consequences were pretty huge. God spoke to Moses saying, “Because you did not trust me enough to demonstrate my holiness to the people of Israel. you will not lead them into the land I am giving them!”  Ouch! As I read this morning, I felt sorry for Moses. I mean honestly, he was sick and tired of trying to lead a people who continually complained. Who could blame him for hitting the rock…..He might have been tempted to smash the rock!  But, God had asked him to speak to the rock and to trust that God would pour out water. Wow – I don’t know about you, but this passage is convicting for me. I often struggle with anxiety – I worry, lay it down and then pick up my worry again. God is continually calling me to deeper trust. I realize, without the Holy Spirit – this would be a never ending battle for me. Humanly, I can’t muster up enough trust to stop worrying. But – if I invite the Holy Spirit to fill me – peace replaces panic.  This prayer reflects my heart and I’m guessing it might reflect yours as well:

Lord Jesus, I don’t want to live in a state of continual anxiety. I want to trust you. Please Holy Spirit – help! Fill me with yourself. Fill the anxious places of my soul with trust. Father, help me to truly relax in your almighty presence and know – really know – that you will do what’s best. 

Moment by moment through out this day, let’s practice saying, “I trust you, Lord.” As we declare it by faith the Holy Spirit will move that trust down into our hearts!  I would love to hear from you! What has been most helpful for you in the realm of anxiety?  Leave a comment.

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  1. Bonny Morano
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    Oh, I know what you mean. I always want to be in control and needed this. Trusting is so hard as we fear the unknown. My husband is presently unemployed and looking at the East Coast for a job. What a huge move it would be. Leaving all behind and starting over. I want to trust God bu feel I know best with staying here. However, it looks more and more like we will move. I feel too old for this but if it is God’s will he will make me young at heart to make the move.

  2. tony toivita
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    thank for the wonderful prayer.. I am looking forward to this day. thank you

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