Trusting and Hiding

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Years ago when Steve and I realized I was pregnant with our fourth child, we did not have pregnancy coverage in our health insurance. Excited about the new addition to our family, we also began to worry a bit about our finances and how we were going to pay for our little bundle of joy!  During that time, I was reading in I Kings about the prophet Elijah. God told Elijah to go and hide by  the Kerith Brook (I Kings 17). God instructed Elijah to drink from the brook and eat what the ravens brought. Imagine, eating food that the birds brought every day! I wonder what was going through Elijah’s mind? I wonder if he enjoyed the food the birds brought or if he felt the need to send them elsewhere for different food? Don’t you wonder what they brought? Bagels? Chicken? Salad? Coffee?

Years ago, when I was reading that passage, I realized that God was instructing Steve and I to hide in HIm and trust His provision for our financial needs. He would provide.Since that time, I have discovered since then that I can’t really trust God unless I create the space in my life to hide in Him. When I “hide” in him I pull away from life’s demands and simply enjoy being with God. I might read His word, pray, journal, listen to praise music, or take a walk. The key is to be alone with God and hide from the demands of life. Only as I hide in Him does my trust in HIm develop.

How will you hide in Him today? What does it look like for you to pull away from the demands of life to enjoy HIs presence today? In what area of life do you need God to provide for your needs?

By the way, we named our baby girl, Kerith Joy because God provided for our needs and brought us great joy in the journey.  As Keri got married just a week and a half ago, I was reminded of just how much God provided along the way.

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    Thanks, much, Becky! Love this new way to think about “hiding”. Not hiding FROM God, but hiding IN him. Needed that. Bless you! Love ya!

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