Top Ten Lessons I’ve Learned Since Joining Reach Beyond

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Top Ten Lessons I’ve Learned Since Joining Reach Beyond

Well, it’s not Monday – the day I usually blog but, I’m on an airplane thinking about all the lessons I’ve learned since Steve and I have started at Reach Beyond. Steve has been the president for almost 2 months now. In the past 2 months as we’ve begun our world tour of all the places Reach Beyond is involved, I’ve been stretched and challenged to grow! So, I thought you might enjoy the top ten lessons I’ve learned since we’ve started!

1. When your passport is lost or stolen – no big deal – just head to the embassy and there you’ll meet lots of new friends who have also had their passports stolen.
2. When hiking through the jungle in knee-deep mud, lift the heel of your boot before your toe or you’ll sink and perhaps fall on your bum!
3. When handed a strange and somewhat disgusting drink by villagers, smile and receive it exuberantly and than “fake” that you’re drinking it.
4. Running through airports definitely counts as exercise.
5. Flexibility should really be one of the fruits of the Spirit.
6. When you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and your in a foreign country pause and think about where the bathroom is before you go!
7. Carry hand sanitizer at all times.
8. When overseas, leave your passport and wallet in the room but always carry $20.00 in case you get robbed.

On a more serious note:

9. Praising God is key to a joyful attitude when the schedule is packed and expectations are high. Setting aside time before Him, every day brings empowerment for the day. Since each day is packed with new experiences and challenges, time on my face before the Lord is crucial!
10. God is at work and sovereignly in control all around the world and it is an extraordinary privilege to join Him in what He’s doing! What a joy to be sharing in this great adventure with Him.


I covet your prayers as we continue to seek Him for all He has for Reach Beyond!

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