Too much to do, too little time

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Do you ever wake up, look at the week ahead and then groan inwardly, “I have too much to do and too little time!” I certainly have! Even this morning, as I looked at my week ahead, I chuckled and silently whispered, “Lord, without you…this is impossible!” The great thing about heading into a week like that, is that it puts my heart on alert to watch for how the Holy Spirit will show up!~

If that’s the kind of week you’re facing I have encouragement for you!  The prophet Zechariah received this message from the Lord when King Darius had given permission to start re-building the temple. A man named Zerubbabel would be the contractor overseeing the work. I’m sure looking at the project felt a bit overwhelming. But Zechariah spoke this message from the Lord, “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” (Zechariah 4:6) The principle is clear. What feels impossible by human strength is never impossible for Divine strength.  What you can’t accomplish this week by your own abilities, God’s Spirit is more than willing to do through you!

I don’t know about you, but I’m clinging to that this week!  I’m going to write those words on an index card and tape them to my mirror to remind me throughout the week…..I don’t need to feel overwhelmed, The Holy Spirit’s got it! I just need to lean into His strength!

I’d love to hear from you!  Leave a comment and I’ll choose one and send you a free Novel!  Every now and then, when you have too much to do, you just need to curl up with a good read!~

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