Tips for those who are waiting

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Waiting is the worst. It stirs up questions deep in our souls, “Is God listening?” “Has He forgotten?” “Is He mad at me?” “Am I not praying hard enough?”

God answers with a sentence, “I choose the appointed time” (Ps. 75:2). His response can feel maddening. We’re dying for an answer. Our souls agonize, “Please God. Hurry up!”

I wonder what you’re waiting for this Monday morning? Doctor’s diagnosis? Pregnancy? Adoption? A job? A house to sell? A loved one to be healed? A teenager to return to faith?

You, like me might know that praising God during seasons of waiting quiets anxiety. But, while we know that truth in our heads, how do we practice praising when we feel impatient?

Here are five tips that have helped me praise God by faith during seasons of waiting:

  • Thank God for the miracles He has worked in the past (Ps. 77:11, 14).
  • Praise God that He has not forgotten you (Ps. 73:23-24).
  • Thank God that He is using delay to shape you as His instrument (Genesis 41:52).
  • Praise God that He is setting the stage while you wait (Ps. 37:34).
  • Praise God that you can trust His promises (Ps. 37:4-5).

I’d love to know what you’re waiting for this week. Leave a comment and let me know what you’re waiting for and I’ll pray for you by name as you wait. We’re in this together!

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