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I don’t usually blog on Saturday, but I was so struck by what I read this morning in Numbers 11 that I thought I’d share some thoughts. Whining. Those of us who are parents no the challenge of shaping a toddler’s tendency to whine. But, it’s easy to give a two year old or three year old grace – after all they are toddlers. What’s far worse is a whiney adult! Could there be anything more annoying?  Yet, even if we annoyed by the whining of others we need to take a honest look at ourselves to see if we complain.  God takes complaining seriously! Check out Numbers 11 – go ahead read the whole chapter.  The children of Israel began to complain to Moses about the food, Before we’re too hard on them, let’s consider what they were eating….Mana – little crackers sent from heaven.  They began to complain about how hard their lives had become. I’ve been to the desert in Sinai – it is barren!  Trust me, my fear is I would have complained too. But, God takes whining seriously.  Moses runs to the Lord in desperation asking, “Why did you give me these people to lead? All they do is complain.”  The Lord has a tender place in his heart for Moses and gives him a team to help him manage the complainers. But then, soon after Miriam and Aaron, two of Moses’ leaders, complained about Moses’ leadership. God is ticked and strikes Miriam with leprosy! As I reflected on today’s reading, I realize that we often give ourselves grace to complain.  Here’s the rub, God considers complaining sin and He takes it seriously.

I’ve been thinking a lot about growing older – I mean I’ll be 56 later this month. (Ouch – I’m too young to be that old!)  As I consider who I want to be as I grow into my senior years, I know I want to be positive and joyful! That means I must ruthlessly eliminate all complaining now because there will be far more to complain about as I get older.   So, I’ve asked the Lord to be merciless on me – to show me faithfully whenever I am tempted to complain. I am also re-memorizing Psalm 34 – “I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be in my mouth……”

What about you? Dare to ask a few people close to you if they view you as a whiner….ouch. Then repent and choose to be positive.   If you’re dissatisfied with life, ask the Lord to help you to become completely satisfied with Jesus.  Memorize scripture, listen to praise music, hang out with positive people and ask the Lord to change you!  Leave a comment and let me know what you’re doing to become or remain positive. I’d love to hear from you!

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    How timely…as my family grows older there are some who whine & some who don’t. It is so much easier to be around those who see the blessings instead of the blisters in life. It is time for me to take a good look at myself & focus on the blessings. Thank you for the reminder!

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