Thoughts on transitions

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Transitions can be difficult, can’t they? Each season of life brings new adventures and while often those adventures are wonderful, they can feel intimidating. I wonder if this is how Jacob felt when he discovered the son who he thought was dead, was now alive, and inviting him to come and live in Egypt? (Genesis 45-46) Remember, Jacob was 130 years old! For many, the older you get the harder the life transition. But, Jacob was dying to see his son so he set out for Egypt! What I love about this story is that along the way God spoke to Jacob in a vision and reassured him with phrases like, “Do not be afraid” and “I will go with you.” (Genesis 46:3) I love that! With each new season of life there will be new challenges and changes but in the transition, God’s voice still whispers, “Do not be afraid…….I will go with you!” Are you facing a transition? A new challenge? A daunting task? The hope giver whispers, “Don’t be afraid….I will go with you!”

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