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I woke early this morning as the sun was just beginning its rise to the sounds of roosters. I lay in bed for moment savoring the sounds and thanking God. We’re in Africa, Ghana to be exact. We flew in last night and after our 17 hour journey were greeted by dear friends and served a mix of papaya and mango fruit mix and a few other goodies. Delightful! Nothing quite compares with fruit from Africa. Through out this week we’ll be visiting with our team and listening to their hearts. I’ll be posting pictures on facebook.


This morning, as a new day stretches before me, I’m mediating on Psalm 55:22, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.” In coaching circles, we talk a lot about what’s sustainable in terms of pace of life, problem solving and patterns for moving forward. The word for “sustain” used in this passage carries the idea of maintaining, nourishing holding up, and supplying what’s needed. I love that! God Himself is the one who provides for and nourishes us. He supplies everything we need to help sustain us in the journey of life. Our job, of course is to open our hands and give our cares, problems and difficulties to Him.


In my life and yours, we’re going to have challenges and problems that are too big for the human soul to bear. Solutions to those problems are going to feel impossible. At times, discouragement or even despair may cloud our vision. In that moment, remember, God Himself will sustain you. He will nourish your heart with His love and provide wisdom for whatever situation you are facing. Ask Him what to do and how to do it and He will answer. He may answer through His word. He may answer through others. He may answer through the small whisper of His voice in your heart. The key is to open your hands, give Him the problem to Him and then listen. Listen for how He answers.


As you face this new week, think of one challenge you are facing. Then you might pray something like this, Lord, I praise you that you promise to sustain me. You will provide the systems and solutions I need to problem solve this week. Thank you that when I lack wisdom, you will deliver. When I lack energy you will provide. When I lack the strength to take even another step you promise to carry and sustain me. I open my hands and give you _________________________________________ (name your challenge in the blank) trusting that you are good and that you will show me what to do. Help me to listen for your answer. Amen.


Here’s a question for you. What does it look like for you personally to give over a problem to the Lord? Share your ideas here and we’ll all benefit.





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  1. MaryLou Auckland
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    To give a problem to the Lord means that I need to exercise patience. If I do then I won’t jump ahead of God. It means I won’t take things into my own hands. It means that I quietly listen for His voice.

    • Becky
      | Reply

      Yes, MaryLou, I agree – It usually involves patience!~

      Thanks for good thoughts

  2. Elaine
    | Reply

    Most of the time I do just that. There are those times when I think I’m handling it and don’t talk or pray about. When I finally come to my senses I run to our Lord. He’s faithful even though I’m not and He is never fickle or confused thankfully as I am.

  3. Becky
    | Reply

    Yes, Elaine! I agree He is faithful even when we’re not! I’m thankful He’s patient with me~

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