Thirty Day Praise Challenge – Day 6

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He Desires Our Love

“God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit”

Romans 5:5

When you pour something out – you can either measure or just pour freely.  God pours out His love without measuring. He doesn’t measure it out or hold back saving for a later date. No.  He pours out His love continually, drenching us in an eternal deluge of extravagance. As a result, our hearts are flooded with His love. 

Unfortunately, often our praise is “measured.”  We worry about what others think if we become too expressive or too engaged. I don’t see any of that worry reflected in the woman who came to Simon’s house. The story is recorded for us in Luke 7:36-48.  She came in to the dinner party hosted by Simon the Pharisee. Though she never utters one word, it is apparent to all who read the story that she is pouring out her praise at the feet of Jesus.  Weeping, she pours out all her expensive perfume at the feet of Jesus.  The Greek language used here by Luke suggests that she did not hold back – she poured out her costly perfume without measure, she drenched His feet with her tears, and she kissed his feet without ceasing.  What a beautiful picture of unrestrained praise!

Praise Challenge:

 Today, in your praise time pour out your love on the Lord Jesus Christ in unrestrained fashion. Maybe for you that means raising your hands in worship, or dancing before the Lord in praise, or writing an expressive and effusive love letter to Jesus.  Be creative in your expression of love today. 

Journal Idea:

Journaling can be a creative way to process and express your praise.   Today, give it a try.  Here’s an idea to get you started:  Imagine you are at the dinner at Simon’s house.  How would you feel if you were the woman – the notorious sinner? 


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    I am inspired by the daily praise challenge. Today reminds me of how much I should be praising our Lord. It seems I am looking for what He would do for me, what could He give me etc. This daily challenge is a wake up call to emulate the woman who poured out her love for Jesus.

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