Thirty Day Count Down: How Can You Tell If You're A Performer?

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Since Freedom From Performing: Grace In An Applause Driven World is coming out in just thirty days I thought it might be beneficial to figure out if you struggle with performance issues. So, here’s a little quiz.

  1. Are you a perfectionist?
  2. Would others describe you as a “hard worker” or, an “over achiever”; one who can get the job done?
  3. Do you worry about how you come across or how others perceive you?
  4. Do you have difficulty feeling satisfied with your efforts?
  5. Do you feel guilty?
  6. Do you secretly wonder if God is mad or disappointed with you?
  7. Are you a rule follower?
  8. Are you ever afraid for others to know the “real” you?
  9. Are you competitive and long to be “the best”?
  10. Do you have a hard time saying “no” or setting boundaries?

How’d you do? If you’re like me you have a few performance issues and need a daily reminder of God’s grace. Grace tells you that you are completely known, loved, forgiven, empowered and pursued by God!

Feel free to leave a comment and drop by tomorrow – we’ll encourage each other in our grace walks!

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