The Winner of the Starbucks Card and a Book Recommendation

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The winner of the Starbucks card is, Michelle!  Michelle left a comment on the post about empty cliches. If you haven’t read that post check it out!~   I was deeply moved by Michelle’s honesty and grace giving spirit.   Michelle, please email me your mailing address and I will put the Starbucks card in the mail to you.   (

Years ago when I was walking through a particularly dark season of my life,  a friend gave me the book A Sacred Sorrow by Michael Card.  Michael Card is a song writer as well as an author. In His book, A Sacred Sorrow he gives a biblical defense for lamenting. He defines lamenting as giving voice to the anguish in our souls.   As we have journeyed with Job through his incredible losses my mind keeps returning to Michael’s book. I highly recommend this book if you are experiencing suffering of any kind. Michael says so eloquently that “True worship begins in the wilderness. Praise is almost always the answer to a plea that arises in the desert.”

Friend, God will allow desert experiences in our lives in part because when He strips everything away – He gives HImself. As we learn to pour out our hearts to him (Psalm 62:8) there is a holy transformation that occurs within our soul. We begin to worship Him in our brokenness and He Himself becomes our provision.  If you read Michael’s book – email me and let me know what you think.


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