The Thirty Day Praise Challenge – Day 8

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His Names Allow Us to Know Him Intimately
“Praise the Lord.
Praise, O servants of the Lord,
Praise the name of the Lord.
Let the name of the Lord be praised,
both now and forevermore.
From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
The name of the Lord is to be praised.”
Psalm 113:1-3

Throughout the Bible we are often told to praise the name of the Lord. Here are just a few examples;
• Psalm 8:1 “O Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth!”
• Psalm 29:1 “Ascribe to the Lord, the glory due His name.”
• Psalm 34:4 “Let us exalt His name together.”
• Psalm 72:19 “Praise be to his glorious name forever.”

Have you ever wondered why? I mean isn’t it enough to simply praise God for what He does? I believe it is because each of God’s names are an expression of His character. God longs to be known by us. Each of His names allows us to know Him in a deeper way. Each one reveals more of His divine nature. Each of His names is so precious that this is why one of the ten commandments is to not use His name in a flippant way. (Exodus 20:7)
The most commonly used name for God is Jehovah. (It’s used over 6,800 times! ) Jehovah reveals to us that God is the ever living one, the self-existent one. There are many names describing God’s character that are connected to the name Jehovah. All of them seem to speak to God’s redemptive nature and the fact that God, the self existing, ever living One, desires a relationship with us.
Praise Challenge
Today praise your way through each of the following redemptive names of God.
• Jehovah Jireh – (Genesis 22:14) God will provide
• Jehovah –Rophe (Exodus 15:26) God who heals, restores and cures. God is the Holy Healer.
• Jehovah- Nissi (Exodus 17:15) God is our banner. The One who is our banner of identity and our banner of victory. His banner is over us identifying us as His and claiming for us the victory that is ours because of Him.
• Jehovah –M’Kaddesh (Leviticus 20:7) The One who makes us holy.
• Jehovah –Shalom (Judges 6:24) The God who gives us peace.
• Jehovah – Rohi (Psalm 23:1) The God who is our shepherd. He is tender and intimate with us just as a shepherd tenderly cares for His sheep.
• Jehovah-Tsidkenu (Jeremiah 23:5-6) The Lord who is our righteousness.
As you praise your way through each of these names, make it personal. Think through the needs that you have right now and then praise God that He is your Jehovah-Jireh – Your God who provides. Praise Him in advance for how He will meet those needs. Then move on to Jehovah- Rohpe. In which areas of life do you need to be healed or restored? Praise God that He is your Jehovah –Rophe – your God who both heals and restores.

Journal Idea: What changes have you experienced emotionally over the last week as you have praised God more intentionally?  What have you experienced as far as the presence of God?

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