The Thirty Day Praise Challenge – Day 21

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He gives us living hope

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In his great mercy he has given us new birth

 into a living hope through the resurrection

of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

I Peter 1:3


Hope is what brings optimism to our lives. There are different times in all our lives when hope seems fleeting and darkness feels overwhelming. The good news is that Jesus Christ came as tangible hope!   He conquered the darkness through His resurrection and now offers living hope – hope that lives in our hearts. If our hope is dependent on our circumstances, there will be many times when negativity will rule our hearts rather than positivity. However, if the source of our hope is Jesus Christ we can live in hope 24/7 in spite of our circumstances.  The best way I have found to awaken hope in my life is to praise God. As I praise Him for being The Hope Giver, the Holy Spirit awakens my heart to those feelings of optimism and expectation. I find I can then live and breathe in His hope every moment of my day!

As The Hope Giver He:

  • Renews our strength (Isaiah 40:31)
  • Promises to dwell in me and share His glory with me (Colossians 1:27)
  • Offers assurance of my inheritance (I Peter 1:4)
  • Strengthens and anchors my faith (Hebrews 6:19)
  • Purifies me (I John 3:3)

Praise Challenge

Focus your praise time today, on Jesus Christ as The Hope Giver. Praise your way through the alphabet for all the reasons you have hope in Jesus Christ.  Listen to praise music that exalts Jesus for the hope He brings. As you move throughout your day, every time a sense of sadness, worry or fear assaults your thinking, declare by faith: “I have living hope because of Jesus Christ!” 

Journal Idea

Make a list of the specific areas of your life where hope is lacking, i.e. your finances, your marriage, your career, or any other area of life where you are desperate for hope. In your journal as you list those places pour out your heart to the hope giver. Then, write a prayer of praise to the Lord, that He is the hope giver and that tangible hope is available to you today because of Jesus Christ.

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