The Thirty Day Praise Challenge – Day 14

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He is Holy

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty

The whole earth is full of his glory.”

Isaiah 6:3

The prophet Isaiah had one of the most incredible visions ever recorded.  The vision occurred during a national tragedy – the death of the king of Judah – King Uzziah. We are not told what prompted the vision, only that Isaiah had a vision in which He saw the Lord seated on His throne. Isaiah describes for us a bit of what He saw. The train of the Lord’s robe filled the entire temple. The reason Isaiah gave us this information about the Lord’s robe was because the length of the robe would have been perceived as measuring greatness.  The length of the Lord’s robe would speak to His matchless majesty.  Around the throne were angelic creatures who sang the praises of the One seated on the throne.   

This throne is the same throne that John describes in Revelation 4: 2-11. In both Isaiah’s vision and John’s vision the living creatures around the throne were chanting the same message: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” The scene that Isaiah saw was so vivid that Isaiah cried  out, “Woe to me! I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips.” (Isaiah 6:5) Both Isaiah’s vision and John’s vision speak of the central attribute of God’s nature – His holiness.  His holiness sets Him completely apart from humanity. When we get even a glimpse of His holiness it immediately exposes any attitude in us that is unholy. The more we praise God for His holiness the more His holiness becomes a part of our lives.

Praise Challenge:

In your praise time today, imagine that you are before the throne of God. Get down on your knees and kneel during your praise time if you are able.  Borrowing the words of Isaiah, begin your praise by chanting softly, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty, the whole earth is full of His glory.” Listen to praise music that praises God for His holiness.  Praise Him that your sin has been atoned for and your guilt has been taken away.

Journal Idea:

Take some time and write in a journal. How does praising god for HIs holiness change you?




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  1. Elaine Steil
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    Becky, thank you for this 30 day challenge. Each day draws me closer to the One who deserves our praise. As my
    praise increases-my grumbling decreases.

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