The God Who Shows Up

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If you’ve been following along as we read through the Old Testament book of Job, you’ve likely had enough of the arguments and attacks from Job’s friends. Job’s friends paint God as an angry judge to Job. I think many of us, if we are truthful, had that image of God in our minds. I certainly did. For years, I perceived God as an angry judge out to punish me as soon as I messed up!  Job on the other hand is desperate for God to show up with some answers. I’ve also felt that way. I’ve had times in my life when I am so discouraged that I demand answers from God.  Here’s the thing, God rarely shows up as we expect. Because He is completely other and beyond our wildest imagination He shows up full of surprises. When God appears to Job, He doesn’t come with answers for Job, He comes bringing a few questions of His own. Questions that leave silent the wisest of men. “”Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? (38:4) “Who determined its (the earth’s) dimensions and stretched out the surveying line? (38:5) “Can you direct the movement of the starts?” (38:31) “Can you shout to the clouds and make it rain?” (38:34)

In the end, Job, exhausted from his sorrow and questions, replies, “I am nothing – how could I ever rind the answers? I will cover my mouth with my hand. I have said too much already. I have nothing ore to say.”  (40:3-5) You see when God shows up,  HIs wisdom demonstrates that He is beyond any description we can create. He is beyond any theology we claim to understand. He is beyond every equation of justice. He is completely other.Michael Card writes, God uses a false perception of His absence (for indeed HIs very nature makes it impossible for HIm not to be everywhere) to awaken in us the hunger for Immanuel (“God with us”).”

Without his pain, Job would have never come to realize the depth of his own need nor the ability for the Almighty to perfectly fill that need.  Friend, God always shows up. But, He rarely shows up as you expected. Because He is God and you are not.



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