The 30 Day Praise Challenge Releases Tomorrow!

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The 30 Day Praise Challenge releases tomorrow!  I am so excited!  My prayer is that God will take this small book and use it to start a revival in the lives of many!   I am looking for a few who will pray that God will use the book for His glory! If you are willing to pray for the next few days that God will use the book for HIs glory – would you leave a comment and let me know?

I’ll be choosing 3 winners from those who are willing to pray and send them a free copy of The 30 Day Praise Challenge. 

Lord Jesus, I praise you for all those who have participated in the countdown leading up to the release of, The 30 Day Praise Challenge. God, you know my heart’s desire. I pray that you will take the book and use it in the lives of thousands for your glory!  God, I know that when we exalt you above our fear, anxiety, doubt, anger and sadness, your Holy Spirit changes us internally. The more we praise you, the more we become like you!  Thank you, for inviting us to adore and worship you. You alone are worthy of all our praise!

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