Take a Day of Prayer This Summer

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Summer is an amazing season filled with sunshine, laughter, family vacations, kids’ sport camps, VBS and all sorts of other activities. But, I believe we also need to take care of our souls during the summer. One of the best practices I know for soul care is taking a day of prayer. 

A day of prayer is where you take a day off work, you find child care for your kids, and you retreat in order to reflect and enjoy the presence of Christ. We need a day to escape the constant noise and be enveloped in the peace of Jesus. He is our true home.   

At one point, Jesus offered this invitation to His disciples, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31). Beyond just a great nap, Jesus was inviting His disciples to come and enjoy the peace that is found in His presence. There, we are able to reflect and renew our strength.  

You might be wondering, how do I do this? Here are a few essentials that I include in every day of prayer.

Praise music – Music helps me settle down in God’s presence. Worshiping God on my knees sets my focus for the day and brings my heart into alignment with God’s heart. 

Scripture – God speaks through His Word, the still small voice of His Spirit, and through others. I often read through a passage like John 15. Or I might meditate on Psalm 63, or Psalm 91. Then I underline and circle whatever phrases seem to jump off the page at me. As I read, I look for specific patterns. I ask the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to what He wants me to see in Scripture. 

A Journal – As I read scripture, I record principles that I believe God is speaking. I watch for patterns or phrases that keep reappearing. At the end of my day, I look for one reoccurring thought that God has brought to mind through my day.  

Silence – My world, like yours, is filled with noise. Cell phone, T.V. Social Media, etc. In many ways, I’m addicted to noise. I love people. I love music. I love the adrenaline rush of lots going on. But, my soul needs quiet to re- calibrate and connect with God. Rarely, do I hear God’s voice in the chaos and cacophony of daily noise. I have to be intentional. I have to pull away and do as Jesus invited, “Come with me, by yourself to a quiet place” (Mark 6:31). There in silence, I can hear the quiet whisper of God’s voice. 

Beauty – I believe God created us to enjoy beauty. As part of my day of prayer and reflection, I incorporate the beauty of nature. I might take a walk by the beach or go for a walk by a river. I find that getting outside, away from my computer, helps me to simply walk, talk, and be with God. It’s not that we talk about profound things all the time.  At times, I just tell God how much I appreciate His creativity displayed in the world. Or, I walk in silence simply loving that He is with me.

Friend, I know that summer is often filled with lots of activities, but carve out a little time for your soul. Pull away from the crazy and enjoy God’s presence for a day. It will recalibrate your soul and provide the strength you need going forward. 

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