3 Tips to Cultivate a Positive Attitude in a Wonky World

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According to a USA Today poll conducted in 2021, the one thing Americans can agree on is that we’re having trouble staying sane! That’s a bit startling, isn’t it? Between the pandemic, the political polarization, and the inflation rate, the … Read More

3 Promises to Cling to When You Feel Discouraged

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Discouragement can hit even the most resilient believer. It comes in all shapes and colors. Frustration when you feel like you can’t keep up. Disappointment when you feel your friends have let you down. Worry when you feel like your … Read More

Holidays Are for Celebrating and Remembering

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Happy 4th of July, Friends! As a family we’ll be attending the local parade, having a barbecue, and of course, some will attend the fireworks tonight. All of this has me thinking about the importance of holidays to families.  Celebrating … Read More

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