When God’s Answers Don’t Make Sense, How Do I Persist in Prayer?

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There have often been seasons in my life when the answers to my prayers didn’t make sense. To make matters worse, God hasn’t offered an explanation. He’s just invited me to trust. However, trusting God isn’t always easy.  I remember … Read More

Is Your Tongue Getting You Into Trouble?

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We’ve all been there. Those moments we’ve said things and then wished immediately we could take the words back. The Old Testament book of Proverbs has quite a bit to say about our tongues. Solomon wrote, “Those who guard their … Read More

3 Prayers of Blessing to Pray Over Kids as They Head Back to School

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The stores are stocked with school supplies and kids are ready to go back. Some are anxious, and some are excited. Even if you don’t have kids, you likely have nieces or nephews, neighborhood children, or grandchildren. I happen to … Read More

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