Staying afloat

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Recently, while visiting Israel I had the opportunity to sail on the Sea of Galilee. Our tour guide told us that when storms blew in, the waves on the Sea of Galilee could get as high as 14 feet! No wonder the disciples were straining at the oars as recorded in Mark 6:45-52. Imagine trying to row against such huge waves! Imagine how frustrated and frightened they must have felt!
Jesus, saw their situation and in the middle of the night walked out to them on the water. When the disciples saw Him they freaked out! (Who could blame them? Things always seem worse in the middle of the night!) Immmediately, Jesus spoke to their fear. He said, “Take courage it is I! Don’t be afraid!” Not only did He speak those reassuring words but He then climbed into the boat with them. I love that!
Sometimes in our lives we feel as though we are straining at the oars. The situations we face feel impossible and looking at the waves of chaos crashing in around us, we feel as though we are going to drown. Jesus tenderly speaks, “Take courage!” But we, like the disciples, have to recognize His presence. We need to invite Him into our confusion. When He is in the chaos of life with us, the journey doesn’t feel quite so scary and the tasks less impossible!
“Lord Jesus, Help me to see where I’m straining at the oars. Show me how to recognize your presence. Show me what it looks like to trust that you are in the chaos and confusion with me.”

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