Start Your Week by Listening to God

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I woke up this morning with a million thoughts on my mind.


I bounced out of bed and started the coffee. And then I paused, I realized I hadn’t even had a sip but my heart was pumping and my thoughts were pummeling. I poured my coffee, lit a candle and headed for my office. I got on my knees and listened to some worship music and then I turned off the music and sat in silence before the Lord. The words of the Psalmist flooded my mind, “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. It’s hard to be still.


We live in a noisy world, don’t we? And, we contribute to that noise talking, laughing, watching TV, checking Social media, and filling our calendars with activity. All of that can make life wonderful but at times can make life feel overwhelming. In the midst of our crazy full lives we need to create the space to slow down, listen and be with God.


In His presence He loves us, fills us, and revives us. “We can relax and let go of everything precisely because God is present. In His presence nothing really matters; all things are in His hands, tension, anxiety, worry, frustration, all melt away before Him, as snow before the sun.” (Quote by Jim Borst, Coming to God in Silence)


I want to listen and love like Jesus and that means I need to start by listening to Him. As I allow Him to fill me, He can love and listen through me.


Here’s a prayer for you as you enter this new week:


Lord Jesus, I lay this new week at Your feet. I praise and thank You that Your presence goes with me to every appointment. I ask that You will fill my mind and heart with Your thoughts. Fill me with joy as I rejoice with others, hope as I inspire others to hope, courage when I encounter criticism and peace as I pursue your presence. Live your life through me this week.


In what ways do you set aside time to listen to God’s voice? How does listening to God help us listen to others more effectively?  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.




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  1. Sandy Sample
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    Deaest Becky ~ Since the Women’s Retreat in Estes Park ~ your books are such an I sprirarion to me. ~ I am now listening to praise music ~ and have my own war-room i.e.: it’s really my office converted, but hey it works~ most of all I can pray in there , listen to praise & worship music and read devotations ~ feel the presence of God ~ that is such a wonderful way to start and meditate on the word of God ~ to share heal and help others heal ~ thank you Becky ~ I tried to send you a card when your mom passed could not get an address or email ~ May Prayers of His peace be with you & yours ~ hugs and hope ~ in Him, Sandy

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