Spit, Mud, and the Miraculous!

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This past week we had a cousin’s camp with nine of our grandchildren. Our theme was Who is Jesus?, and one of the stories we explored was Jesus healing the man born blind. It was a bit of a risk because we tasked the kids with making a movie of the story. Would they literally spit in the dirt and then try to apply it to one of their cousin’s or sibling’s eyes? You just never know! 

As I’ve studied the story found in John 9, I’ve wondered, “Why did Jesus spit in the dirt and then ask the blind man to go wash his eyes?” Some say Jesus was purposefully trying to agitate the Pharisees because the miracle happened on the Sabbath. According to the law, you couldn’t work in the dirt at all on the Sabbath, but Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and didn’t have to obey those silly Pharisee-crafted rules. 

Though we may never know the exact reason behind Jesus spitting in the dirt, we know He used something ordinary to accomplish an amazing miracle. 

Tracing through the gospels, we see this pattern over and over. In John 6, Jesus takes the boy’s lunch of five loaves and two fish. He prays and blesses it, and then breaks it and gives it away to feed over 5,000 people! 

Here’s the thing: if Jesus can use ordinary things like spit and dirt or bread and fish to accomplish His almighty purposes, He can use you! 

Many don’t feel gifted enough or special enough to accomplish anything. They wonder, Can God really use me? The answer is categorically, yes!  In fact, Paul writes in Ephesians 2:10 that “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do.” In other words, God desires to work through you to accomplish His will on earth. What an amazing wonder! He likely has a few miracles in store that He invites you to participate in. The question is, are you willing? 

Are you willing to be used for another person to hear about the love of Christ? 

Are you willing to be used to help someone who might be in desperate need financially? 

Are you willing to pray for someone who needs healing? 

Are you willing to come alongside those who might be discouraged and offer encouragement? 

Are you willing to be inconvenienced if God wants to use you? 

Friend, God is in the habit of using ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Why not open your hands, ask how He would like to use you and then simply say, “Yes, Lord!”

Back to my grandkids, they made an epic movie complete with sound effects and no one spit in anyone else’s eyes. And, the best part is I don’t think they’ll ever forget the story of how Jesus healed the blind man who had been blind from birth. Hopefully, the experience helped them trust God just a little bit more!

If you haven’t ever done the study “Who Do You Say That I Am?” order a copy this summer and dive into the I Am statements of Jesus? It makes a great summer study! 

Bible study cover for who Do You Say That I Am?

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