Sample Speaking Topics

Becky is known for being a passionate and practical speaker on such topics as:

Calming the Anxiety in Your Soul – According to research conducted in 2024, 42.5 million people struggle with anxiety in the US alone. However, there is hope. Becky gives hope and practical tips for winning the war with anxiety in this powerful message.

How to Move Beyond Loneliness. According to the Surgeon General’s report on Social Connection in 2023, loneliness is the new epidemic. 1 out of every 2 Americans is wrestling with significant feelings of isolation. God designed us to live connected lives. In this message, Becky shows listeners from the scriptures, how to change the narrative and take initiative to strengthen their relationships and lives the connected life God intended.

The Extraordinary Power of Praise to Transform Your Life. Learning to praise God and give thanks will change the trajectory of your life. In fact, brain research shows that those who praise God live happier and more fulfilled lives than those who don’t. Praising God is key to experiencing His presence and His victory over the enemy of our soul. You simply can’t praise God and not be changed!

How To Listen so People Will Talk. The most important communication skill is not talking but rather listening. Yet, many struggle to listen attentively. As a result our relationships are struggling. In this powerful talk, Becky unpacks 5 crucial keys to becoming a more attentive and understanding listener.  *This talk is appropriate for both corporations and churches.

Becoming the Leader You were Designed to Be.  It seems as though everyone wants to be a leader today but few understand what true leadership is and how it works. In this message, Becky shares 5 keys that will increase your influence and give you more credibility as a leader. *This message is appropriate for corporations or church groups.

Listening to Your Kids To Build Deeper Connection. Connection within the family system is crucial yet often parents feel disconnected with their kids. Could listening be the problem? Good parenting depends on good communication but often parents over -talk. In this immensely practical message, Becky shares principles to help you listen when your kids negotiate, or express their feelings. She teaches parents how to  listen to affirm their kids  strengths and how to model navigating  conflict.

Becky is always willing to craft a custom message for your group.


Sample Speaking Topics