Shhh, Be Quiet and Listen

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Mother Theresa once said, “God is the friend of silence, He is always waiting for us in silence to speak to us and to listen to us. In the silence of our hearts, God speaks of His love, with our silence we allow God to love us.”  This morning, as I was reading in Deuteronomy 27, Moses said to the people, “O Israel, be quiet and listen.” (Deut 27:9) Those words jumped off the page at me!   It felt as if God was saying, “Becky, be quiet and listen!” I confess, I was born to talk and often I say too much!  What God has been teaching me lately, is that I must be quiet. Stop talking. Put my hand over my mouth and learn to listen. God is the friend of silence. He invites us to listen not only to Him but also to listen to others.

How are your listening skills? Do the people around you feel heard? If you’re not sure how well you listen, ask those closest to you, “Do you feel heard by me?” or, “How might I improve my listening skills?” Then brace yourself for the answer.   Commit to God today that you will intentionally listen to HIs voice and to the stories of others.  Remind yourself through out the day.

Leave a comment and tell me what you’ve learned about listening.  Later this week, I’ll choose from the comments and give away a free book and maybe a Starbucks card!~  I’d love to hear from you….I’m listening!

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  1. Sandra
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    One must learn to listen, not only with ears, but with the heart, allowing the Holy Spirit to translate how you fit into the picture; whether you are to pray, provide, encourage, direct, or step aside. After hearing (listening), comes discernment, then action. With listening and hearing (praying and waiting)God’s voice, one can move forward with confidence in God’s plan.

  2. Sandra
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    Becky, I love this topic! Thank you for writing it and helping me to take time to sit still and listen to God’s voice that is always there, although I don’t always hear it above the rush of the activities of the day. Thank you for waking me up down this morning so I can walk through my day hearing God’s voice. Keep up the good work!

  3. Nikki Shipley
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    It is funny how God works with your messages – just the other day I tried this with my oldest daughter, I often tend to give my opinions/advice instead of just listening. That day I purposed to listen and ask questions – it was amazing why young people make the decisions they do, and not in a bad way.

  4. kathy Burrus
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    Becky- your title got more gentle! I needed your ‘shut up and listen’ title words from last week. I’ve caught myself saying it over and over to myself at times when I – like Nikki- need to just listen to my girls, my husband, my friends.

    Thanks friend, for listening to God give you words for us too!
    So grateful!

    • Becky Harling
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      Ha – Thanks Kathy…..As far as I know that’s still the title of the book I’m under contract to write! Love you, Girl!

  5. Sally Warner
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    I too have been trying to practice silence more with God. I think part of the battle is simply accepting that being silent is OK. Having nothing to say to God is REALLY OK. Just sitting with Him and waiting is OK and it is OK if nothing happens except that I have spent time with Jesus. I often lie in my husband’s arms for quite awhile without talking, soaking in his hug. I am trying do the same with God.
    It can be very hard to shut the words off in my head, though, when I am sitting still and since God hears those too, well, it is hard to be truly silent. It can be helpful to simply observe something being conscious of doing so with God – music, scenery or even the mundane acts of folding laundry or doing dishes.
    Listening to others is something I also am trying to do more. It has been humbling to realize I have often lacked the humility to put the stories of others above my own. Ouch. Thankfully, with the grace and love of God I am making progress there as well. I am learning to try to see and love others as God sees and loves them. That requires really listening to them.

  6. Ruth Havenner
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    I love to run. I have found a good time to just be silent & listen for God’s still voice is when I run. It’s peaceful & quiet AND it takes my mind off the discomfort of the run! It’s harder for me to be quiet & listen to people though. I want to interrupt & give them my opinion right away before hearing them out. I make an effort, when someone is speaking to me, to just say a quick prayer asking God to help me be totally engaged with this person at this very moment, to open my ears & close my mouth! It works…I just have to remember to do it!

  7. Diana Joy
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    Thanks for posting this! God I’m listening!! Much love and appreciation for all you are doing 🙂
    Diana Joy

  8. Kathleen Smith
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    I find this topic you’ve address vitally important. Too often I feel we aren’t really listening because we’re too busy formulating what we are going to say when it’s time to reply and we simply miss out on the bigger picture. That is why God gave us two ears and only one mouth, to listen twice as much as we speak.

    Thanks for writing about this and still one I struggle with!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Kathryn Sirven
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    I have found that it is much harder to listen to someone (whether it is a parent, spouse, or God) when I am angry with them. I have learned in my 7+ years of marriage that to show my husband I love him, I have to really listen to him and not interrupt. I have also learned that my relationship with God is also much better when I truly listen to Him.

    • admin
      | Reply

      Yes, Kathryn!! I have found this as well! One of the greatest gifts I can give my husband is to listen to him. Love your insight!!

  10. Merri Taylor
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    Well they say that’s why God gave us one mouth and two ears, so we can listen twice as much as we talk (grin).

    We all have a deep need to feel heard and today’s texting culture I think has lessened the connection that the listening part of conversation brings. To be heard can mean to be understood and how is anyone going to understand me when they have their head down, buried in email or texts rather than looking at and truly engaging with me?

    I feel like I’m a good listener, but God probably has the same frustration with me that I do with technology replacing conversation, because in this day of multi-tasking and moving a million miles an hour to get it all done, even when I’m reading Our Daily Bread and spending time with God in the morning, I can be distracted and thinking about my next task at hand. You have to be in the moment and fully engaged to be a good listener. You have to be able to summarize what you heard (“so what you’re saying is …”). You need to be still and know that He is God. Be still to be in the moment — be still to listen and not just hear.

    I have a framed quote in my guest bedroom that says “Make time for quiet moments for God whispers and the world is loud.” Listening takes a conscious effort.

    • admin
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      Great thoughts,Merri! I love the quote at that end that says, God whispers and the world is loud……how very true!

  11. Erica Corbett
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    I’m pretty much an introvert so I have been pretty good at listening to other people and often get criticize for not joining in the conversation! I don’t have the confidence to speak up unless I really know something but I ponder things a lot! My problem is not going to God with decisions I have made and being patient to listen for His still small voice in the matter! Not listening to Him often gets me into trouble!

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