Renewed Day by Day

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This morning I am thinking about renewal.  Weariness plagues our society. We are driven, overcommitted, and as a result, often feel exhausted. 2 Corinthians 4:16 says that, “We do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.” (ESV)  As I’ve been thinking about renewal, I realize that most often renewal cannot happen without us slowing down to create the space for God to bring refreshment. I am in a ‘busy’ season right now with deadlines and commitments. Last week, I found myself feeling weary. When I feel deep soul weariness, it’s helpful for me to take a day of prayer. Here’s how that works for me. I cancel commitments, I go to a secluded place and spend time, listening to praise music, reading through portions of scripture (often the Psalms and Isaiah) journaling thoughts God gives me, and resting in silence before Him. As He directs I bring my requests before Him one at a time in unhurried fashion.   If your life is like mine, it’s hard to find a “secluded” place. My house is usually hopping with activity. I have found it helpful to call a friend who I know is at work all day and ask them if I may borrow their house. Being in someone else’s house works great for me. It’s quiet and I feel like I get a mini renewal vacation.   If the weather permits it’s also wonderful to spend a day at the park or at the beach……the key is to get away.  Jesus often withdrew to be alone with the Father.   If you’ve never taken a day of prayer and renewal I’d like to suggest that you try it.  Here are some practical suggestions to get you started:

  • Bring your Bible and start by reading through some of the Psalms.
  • Bring a journal – write out your prayers to God and write down any thoughts you feel He speaks to you.
  • Light a candle – sometimes a candle lit can speak of sacred space reminding us that Jesus is the light of the world.
  • Bring a play list of worship and praise music
  • Choose one focus for your scripture reading – you could choose passages from Isaiah (40-50) and just focus on those chapters. Or you could choose passages from the gospels or you could choose to focus on the book of Ephesians and focus on who God says you are in Him.
  • Spend part of your time simply laying on your face before the Lord listening to worship music. Allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen you during this time.

Sometimes, I have taken a day of prayer with a friend. That’s also helpful – you can separate and read the same passage and then come back together and reflect on what God speaks to you. There are so many ways to find refreshment and renewal the key is to find what works for you! I’d love to hear your thoughts – we can encourage each other with our ideas. Leave a comment and I’ll send you a spa gift card.  No, just kidding – I can’t afford that but, I’d still love to hear from you!~

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    Hi, Becky….i loved the suggestion of a prayer day! I will try it this week…thanks for the idea. 😉

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