Reflections on the Lamb

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As I write this, Steve and I are finishing up a visit in California. We’re staying with some dear friends. Throughout their beautiful home, there are figures of lambs they’ve put out in preparation for Easter.

Last night, as I sat by the fireplace, I glanced up at the lamb on the mantle and remembered the words of John the Baptist, “Look, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). Since then, my mind has been filled with thoughts about Jesus as the Lamb of God. Because we’ve heard the Easter story so many times, there’s a tendency to lose our sense of wonder. We’ve grown so comfortable with the fact that Jesus died and rose again that we breeze through Easter week, perhaps neglecting to stop and reflect on the price Jesus paid.

As we move into Easter week, I’d like to simply remind you to focus this week on Jesus as the Lamb of God.

Here are a few simple thoughts to get you started.

 As the Lamb of God, Jesus set us free from guilt. You remember that the children of Israel were in bondage in Egypt. Moses instructed every family to slaughter a lamb and put the blood of the lamb over the doorposts of their homes. When the angel of death saw the blood on the doorposts he would pass over that home and they would be spared the punishment of God (Exodus 12:11-13).

You may not be in literal bondage but you might be living in bondage to guilt. This week, as you prepare for Easter, re-read the story recorded in Exodus 12. Focus on Jesus as the perfect sacrifice. You’re not the perfect sacrifice. You don’t have to be. You only have to claim His sacrifice over your life to be free from guilt. The next time you feel guilty, praise Him that His blood takes away your guilt

As the Lamb of God, Jesus made a way for us to be heard by God the Father. Not only was Jesus the perfect Lamb of God in the sense of a sacrifice, but He also became the perfect high priest so that we could have instant access to God the Father. It’s as if we have a special VIP pass into the throne room! Friend, take advantage of your VIP pass! Pray and claim the blood of Jesus Christ over your marriage, your family, your friendships, your neighborhood, and your city. Ask God to make Christ known. Dare to ask Him to use you to make Him known!

As the Lamb of God, Jesus deserves all our praise. As you enter this Easter week, worship Jesus as the Lamb of God. Praise Him for the cross and the empty tomb. Praise Him for forgiveness and freedom from guilt.

As you worship Jesus this week, let me suggest a song for you from Elevation Worship.

Where’s Becky?

 Steve and I will be home for the next two weeks before I head to Chicago where I’ll be a guest on The Moody Morning Show and The Gary Chapman Show and will be speaking at Midwest Bible Church on How To Listen So People Will Talk (April 20-21.)

How You Can Pray?

Please pray as I prepare messages.

Please pray as I prepare for an eight-week video series that Moody will be producing for Who Do You Say That I Am? All the videos will be made while I’m at Word Of Life Christian Conference Center in Schroom Lake, NY April 27-29 and May 4-6.




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