Reflections on Refreshment from Psalm 84 – Tip #2

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Psalm 84:2 reads, “My soul yearns, even faints for he courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.”

The sons of Korah who wrote this Psalm describe a longing so deep and intense that it feels as though they will pass out if that yearning is not met. Like the Sons of Korah, if we are going to find refreshment and renewal we must embrace what I call, our divine ache.

What exactly is a divine ache? The Divine ache is a deep seated loneliness that only God can fill. When the Sons of Korah wrote …..”My soul yearns and even faints for the courts of the Lord.” They were experiencing the divine ache. In our lives one reason for soul weariness is that rather than embracing the divine ache, we run from it or, try to fill it with other things. The other things can even be good things; spouse or significant other, family, friends, ministry, job, or, humanitarian efforts. Instead of running from the divine ache – why not embrace it? What do I mean?

Recognize that the ache you are feeling is your loneliness for God. This became clear to me last summer after an intense season of busyness. We had just celebrated our daughter’s high school graduation and on the heels of that event, came another daughter’s wedding. Soon after the wedding, I had a week long speaking engagement. Upon returning home, I began to have nebulous feelings of weariness, emptiness, and loneliness. I had been with people almost round the clock, so how could I possibly feel lonely? That’s when it dawned on me – I was feeling lonely for God!

After you recognize the ache create some space where your soul can connect with God. Step away from the noise in your life. Linger in His presence instead of rushing through your daily “quiet time”. Take a walk and relish the joy of His creation. Meditate on His unfailing love. Talk with Him. Listen to Him. Praise Him that you are lonely for Him. Praise Him that He is the only One who can satisfy the deepest longings of your soul.

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