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I can’t thank you enough – I wish I had Starbucks cards for each of you! Your answers are helping me as I work to make Freedom From Performing relevant! Besides that, I am loving getting to know each of you as you answer. I feel like we are forming our own little on-line small group! So keep those answers coming – Okay?

The Question for today is: Have you ever struggled with feeling loved by God? You might know in your head that God loves you – but feeling it has been altogether different. Please be honest. There are no right or wrong answers!

I’ll start. For many years, even though I taught the love of God, I had difficulty feeling loved by Him. I knew in my head that He loved me – After all, He was God – He had to love me – the Bible said so! It was as if He was under contractual agreement to love me. But did He feel love for me? I wasn’t so sure. I had subconsiously internalized the truth that I had to somehow “measure up” to be loved by God. What about you?

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