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Purity. Just the word makes me feel clean.  I’m struck with the detailed instructions God gave Moses for the “purification ceremony”. (Numbers 19:1-10)  We live in the age of grace where we are made pure by the blood of Jesus Christ. His blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness and declares us pure forever. (Romans 5:9, I John 2:1-2) But, I think we often forget that God’s desire for us is to not take His grace for granted. In other words, we are to move towards maturity in Christ by living pure lives. Often when we think of living pure lives we think only in terms of sexual purity – which is important to God. But there are many other areas where we need to be guarding our hearts. Pride, gossip, greed, indifference all need to be confessed to keep our lives pure.  We don’t talk much about repentance but repentance is a vital part of our Christian walk. Repentance means turning from our sin and choosing to bring our will in line with God’s on the matter.

As I think about repentance, I am ask God to lead me to godly sorrow over the issues that break His heart and to show me where I need to repent. Sometimes when asking God this, I spend time meditating on Psalm 51. ( You will notice in this Psalm that David asks the Lord to cleanse him with Hyssop. (v. 7) this is a direct reference to the Numbers 19.) I also spend time meditating on passages from I John. Author Gary Thomas writes, “Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of intentional pursuit, a cooperation with God. ” He goes on to say, “Salvation is free, maturity comes with a price.” (Quotes are from Thirsting For God) Friends, if we are going to grow in maturity – we must confess and repent of any sin that prohibits us from living pure lives.


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