Praising God in the Dark and Dreary

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This morning, when the alarm went off, I must admit I was less than enthusiastic about getting up. Usually Colorado is bright and sunny. Apparently, we get about 300 days of sunshine per year. But, the last few weeks we’ve been hit with more snow than ever and yesterday, was dark and dreary and quite horrid outside!  I realize I am a warm weather person at the core of who I am…..I think best in a hot tub!~  So, this morning, when the alarm went off I hardly felt like bouncing out of bed to start my praise time.  After debating for a few minutes, I got up and grabbed a cup of coffee and hit my knees.

Then, I opened my Bible where I’ve been reading about the life of David in I Samuel. Mixed in with the stories of David are the Psalms he wrote. This morning, I read about how Saul was chasing David to murder him. David was constantly on the run, hiding in caves and various places so that Saul wouldn’t kill him!  While he was on the run he wrote one of my favorite Psalms. Psalm 34 begins, “I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak His praises.” (NLV) It’s easy to praise God when life is going well isn’t it? But what about when life circumstances are dark and dreary? As I spent time meditating on Psalm 34, I reminded myself to not complain….not even about the weather! My life goal is to “praise God at all times” that means I have to be ruthless with myself in the area of complaining.  I wrote the following prayer in my journal. You can borrow it if you like!:)

Lord, I praise you this morning that my delight is in you, my joy is in you, my hope and my peace are in you. I praise you that the weather cannot determine my mood! I praise you for a new morning – a new day, a fresh start. I praise you for what you will do in my life today and in the lives of those I love. Be exalted in my life, Lord Jesus and remind me through out this day to praise you moment by moment no matter how I feel.”

Thoughts? Comments?

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  1. Michelle
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    Thank you for sharing. I feel like I am in darkness for a year now. I am in and out of prayer. I carry my bible mostly everywhere I go when it is a far drive. He is mostly on my mind. Today, for the first time, as much of a struggle that it was for me to do, I prayed from the darkness – life. Life for me is just pure darkness – from where I live, where I work to who I live with. Finding a little bit of peace each day is difficult. Thank you for sharing your hope.

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