Praise is a powerful tool to help you find freedom!

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Often the messages of our past hold us in bondage to performing. Messages like: ” You’ll never amount to anything.” Or, “God is so disappointed in your behavior”. Or, “Why can’t you behave like your sister?” Those messages damaged our emotional scripts with shame and left us feeling as though we must perform better in order to be valuable. Satan is the accuser and he will use those old messages to torment us! The truth is, you have intrisic value and worth because you are God’s precious child!

I have learned that when the old messages of shame torment my thinking, I must immediately change my thoughts and start praising God for who he is and what He has done in my life. The more I choose to praise God for His love, forgiveness, and acceptance, the more the Holy Spirit awakens faith in my heart. The more I praise God for clothing me in His righteousness the more I beleive He has clothed me in His righteousness! When I choose to praise Jesus for who He is and what He has done in my life – Satan is defeated.

One author put it this way, “Satan is allergic to praise, so when there is massive triumphant praise , Satan is paralyzed, bound and banished.” (Paul Billheimer)

Next time the old messages are hammering your mind and you feel worthless, put on praise and see what happens!

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