Pouring Out Praise

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In the afterglow of Easter, I am reflecting on the price of God’s grace. Jesus held nothing back when He went to the cross – He offered everything. Such extravagant grace calls for a response on my part. In reflecting on this I realize that extravagant worship is my response to God’s extravagant grace. So what exactly is extravagant worship?

Extravagant worship is continually pouring out my love and adoration on Jesus, with out holding back. When you pour something out – you can either measure or just pour freely. So often our worship is “measured.” We worry about what others think if we become too expressive or too engaged. I don’t see any of that worry reflected in the woman who came to Simon’s house. The story is recorded for us in Luke 7:36-48. She came in to the dinner party hosted by Simon the Pharisee. (It was acceptable at the time of Jesus for uninvited guests to enter the house as a spectator.) Throughout the entire story the woman never utters a word. She didn’t come to eat – she came to satisfy a deeper hunger. She knelt at the feet of Jesus weeping and pouring out expensive perfume held in an alabaster bottle. The Greek language used here by Luke suggests that she did not hold back – she poured out her costly perfume without measure, she drenched His feet with her tears, and she kissed his feet without ceasing. What a beautiful picture of unrestrained worship!

My desire is to continually pour out my love and adoration on Jesus Christ ……I long to be an extravagant worshipper. How about you?

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