Overcoming Self-doubt: Tip #2 – Stop Comparing

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“Each one should test his own actions.

Then he can take pride in himself,

Without comparing himself to somebody else.”

Galatians 6:4

It’s so easy to get pulled into the comparison game,  isn’t it?  We might compare our bodies to  the bodies of other women. Or, we might compare our achievements with the  accomplishments of others.    Mothers of young children compare their  children to the children of others in the realm of milestones: Walking, talking, potty training etc. Mothers of older children compare their kids to  other kids in the realm of achievement; sports awards, honor roll, test scores, etc. The problem is that comparing can create self-doubt. If we are going to overcome self-doubt we need to stop comparing.

The Apostle Paul warned the believers living in Galatia against comparing. Each one of us should rejoice in the abilities God has given us rather than looking to the abilities of others. Rather than asking, “How do I stack up against others?” ask, “Have I lived up to the potential God gave me?”  If you are struggling with self-doubt check yourself, have you been comparing yourself to others?   If you have, try this instead.  Next time you are tempted to compare  yourself, or your child to others, try giving thanks instead. You might try praying something like this:

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the way you designed me. I praise you for the gifts and abilities that you have given me to use for your glory. How I thank you that I don’t have to worry about measuring up to some unattainable standard. I only have to surrender every gift and ability to you and trust that you can use my offering to bring you glory.

In what areas of life have you been tempted to compare yourself to others?   What have you found helpful? Leave a comment and I will enter your name in a drawing to win a free copy of Finding Calm In Life’s Chaos.


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