Offerings of Thanksgiving

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God doesn’t just want our offerings – He wants us to give them with an attitude of thanksgiving.

I remember once when my husband was ministering in Africa and it came time to take an offering that the drums began to play and women danced down the isles with their offerings.If I remember correctly, they presented a live chicken!~  Maybe you should try that in your church this Sunday?  But seriously, the women in that tiny African church gave to the Lord from hearts of joy. When Moses finished the Tabernacle each of the tribe members brought offerings to the Lord to demonstrate how thankful they were for all God had done. (Numbers 7:1-89)

I know it’s not Sunday, and there’s no offering plate in your house, but what if you kept a “thankful list” today? what if ever few minutes you offered the Lord an offering of praise and thanksgiving? I’m positive He’d smile!   You can easily do this by keeping a tiny notebook in your purse or car or on your desk or kitchen counter. Every time you’re tempted with crumbling – write something down for which you are thankful!~

I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know how it goes.

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  1. Wendy
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    I love it! Mine is a little black spiral I can even put in my back pocket. I actually just started mine on Wednesday and I’m up to 20 “gifts” I’ve seen from the Lord. After only the few I’ve written, I’ve seen a change in my thinking. When my girlfriend was telling me about her day yesterday, I kept interrupting her with “that was a gift!” I’m becoming so much more aware of all the ways God is showering me with His blessings that I never took the time to recognize before. I DO feel His smile on me!

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