Now Listen!

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The other day, as I was driving around town, I heard on the radio, about a homeless man in Atlanta, who offered to listen to random strangers for 50 cents per hour!  What a brilliant buisness plan!

People want to feel heard.   Last night, I blew it!  I said “too much” in an email and hit “send” before praying. Ever done that?  Ironic, because yesterday, we talked about being quiet and listening.  God is really speaking to me, today the words that jumped off the page at me form Deuteronomy 30 were, “Now Listen! I am giving you a choice etween life and death, between prosperity and disaster!” (Deut 30:15) While this verse is commanding us to listen to God’s commands and promising “life” if we listen and obey, it dawned on me that listening is often the key to life in relationships.   Nothing kills a relationship more than a person who refuses to listen.  I want life filled relationships, don’t you?  Wanna try something?  Let’s be intentional today, to listen, to our co-workers, our siblings, our husbands, our children, our aging parents, our neighbors.  At the end of the day – write down how your ability to listen impacted those around you.  And then, if you’re brave enough, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment. Later this week I’ll be giving away a free book (or 2) and a Starbucks gift card in honor of your courage to be vulnerable.


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