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Recently, I saw an add in a magazine for Bio oil which supposedly reduces wrinkles and heals scars.  So I thought, “I’m going to get me some bio oil!” Who doesn’t want to get rid of a few wrinkles? Who wouldn’t be interested in healing scars?  (I’ll let you know if it works!) As we’ve been reading about all the preparation for the Tabernacle, I realized I haven’t written about the anointing oil.  If you are following along in the Chronological Bible, in our reading today, we read that the Tabernacle was complete. But ,I want to go back to the anointing oil because it is so significant.

Whenever you read about anointing oil in the Bible, it is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.   In the Old Testament, the anointing oil was used to consecrate the priests as holy, (Exodus 29:7) and to designate persons to positions of authority, like kings (I Samuel 10:1)  In the New Testament, if a person is ill were to call the elders of their church and the elders were to pray for them and anoint them with oil for healing. (James 5:14) In every case, there is an element of symbolism directing our attention to the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit sets us apart as holy, empowers us to take positions of authority and does a deep work of inner healing in our lives. Sometimes, when I speak at conferences and am praying over women, they will ask me to anoint them with oil. When I anoint them – there is no special magical healing. But, there is an acknowledgement that we are asking the Holy Spirit to do a deep work of inner healing.

Next time you go to buy some special oil that’s sure to help your skin, remember the Holy Spirit. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit lives and dwells in you!  He sets you apart as holy, appoints you and empowers you to do works of service and He is continually working to heal the scars of your heart!   Is that amazing or what? You can read more about the Holy Spirit in John 14-16.

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    A great reminder to turn even moisturizing my cuticles every morning into praise & worship. Great perspective, Becky….thank you!

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