National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

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Today, January 11 has been declared by our president, The National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  In the Protected Innocence Initiative, Sharedhope International graded all fifty states, and Washington D.C.on their currant laws impacting child sex trafficking.  It seems that the law should protect the vulnerable, assist victims, and punish those who benefit  from the use of children for sex.   However, the opposite appears to be true.  Instead of protecting the innocent, the girls who are sold into sex slavery are treated as criminals while those who use them get off free.  The goal of the initiative was to emphasize the need for protection, shelter and services for the victims of sex trafficking.

The results of the report card that Sharedhope International gave were honestly pretty dismal. “Four states received a “B.”  Twenty-six states failed. Four states don’t even have a law in place making it a crime to sexually traffic youth and children!” (Quote from Sharedhope International)  The report was shared with Attorney Generals from around the States.  While the results are both staggering and depressing, there is hope in Jesus Christ and together we can make a difference.  So how can you raise your voice against this travesty?  I have a few ideas:

1. Don’t put your head in the sand and hope it will all go away

2. Find out how your state scored by conacting

 3. Raise your voice by supporting legislation that protects the innocent and convicts those who are trafficking and using little girls and boys for their sexual pleasure.

4. Make a donation to Shared Hope International so that they can effectively continue their work to protect the youth and children of our nation.

5. Pray!   I believe that prayer moves mountains. (Mark 11:24) If you would like a visual reminder to pray and to raise your voice against this issue check out The Redemption Necklace sold at  The proceeds go to Shared Hope so that they can continue working to prevent, restore and bring justice on behalf of children of our nation.

Please, will you carefully consider how you might raise your voice?


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  1. Keri Mills
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    I have felt strongly about this issue for quite a while. I have begun a new series of artwork specifically about this issue. I feel this way I can raise my voice. However, I am not stopping there. I am looking to team up with an organization that fights human trafficking wanting to develop a media campaign that creates awareness by using the images I am creating. (You can see them as my two most recent postings on my art blog.) I don’t know where this will go, I don’t even feel very adequate for the job, but I offer myself to the Lord anyway.

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