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One of the words God has given me for 2016 is the word believe.   In some ways it struck me as odd. When I felt the Lord give me that word, I whispered, “Really Lord? You know I believe You.” But, as I sat with the Lord for while I heard Him reply to me, “Becky, I want you to believe me for more; More of my Spirit, More of my power, More of my presence, More of my anointing and More of my provision.” As I reflected on the Lord’s answer to me, I realized something about myself. My self-talk is sabotaging. (I’m being gut level honest here!)  While I believe that God can do anything, sometimes I find myself doubting He will do “that” – whatever “that” might be – for me. For example, I’ll pray for more anointing and for more opportunities to open for the message He’s given me, but then doubt creeps in and I wonder, Lord, are you really going to open doors for me?  Or do you only open doors for the superstars? In the last few days, the Holy Spirit has been convicting me. He has told me to stop. Stop. Doubting. And, Believe.


According to Strong’s concordance, the word “Believe” means to be persuaded of and place our confidence and trust in – and get this – not just credence – but full reliance on the One we believe in. That’s where the rub comes. We say we believe. But does our belief result in action? Do we fully rely on the One in whom we believe? Do we really believe He will provide for all our needs, as He has promised? (Philippians 4:19). Do we really believe that what He’s called us to do, He will empower us to do? (2 Thessalonians 5:24). Do we really believe Him for the impossible? (John 14:13-14)

How would our lives look different if we really believed? Here’s what I think:


  • We’d take bigger risks for the sake of the gospel.
  • We’d worry a whole lot less about our finances.
  • We’d ask for healing more and believe that He hears.
  • We’d be more joyful and less fearful.
  • We’d be more successful because we’d be confident that God was for us.


I don’t know about you, but I know that’s what I want in 2016. And, I know that mindset has to start today! So, here’s my declaration:


In 2016, I’m believing God for the impossible! I’m trusting Him, to do in and through me, what only He can do.

  • When fear comes, I’ll choose faith.
  • When doubt hammers, I choose confidence.
  • When worry threatens, I’ll choose peace.
  • When sorrow comes, I’ll choose to cling


Because, I know in whom I believe!

What about you? What are you believing God for today? This week? This year? Leave a comment. I’ll be giving away a FREE copy of The 30 Day Praise Challenge because one thing I know, praising God builds our faith and helps us to believe God more fully. I’ll draw one name from those who leave comments and announce the winner on Wednesday. But in order to be entered into the drawing you must leave a comment.

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  1. Lynne Ross
    | Reply

    My word for 2016 is Hope, Hope that God knows what is best for me
    Hope for my future with HIM
    Hope for everything that doesn’t seem even possible
    Hope for opportunities to share Jesus!

  2. June
    | Reply

    I believed God would Choose me in 2015

    I am believing God to keep me in His Word where I found Him 2015

  3. vanessa
    | Reply

    Believe. Sitting here in my husband’s hospital room I want to believe, I need to believe for healing. I believe with all my heart that God can and does heal, but fear and doubt makes me wonder if he will do it for me, for my husband. If He chooses not to heal, does that mean I didn’t believe enough? I don’t know how to believe more. I remember the many answered prayers and blessings that God has given us, but this is so much bigger and harder. I need to believe. Jesus, help me believe.

    • BeckyHarling
      | Reply

      Dearest Vanessa, Thank you so much for your honesty! It is such a great question. If God doesn’t choose to heal your husband in the way you hope for it does not mean you didn’t believe enough!! That would be God punishing you – and He doesn’t do that. We all struggle with doubt. Belief has more to do with clinging to our faith even when God doesn’t answer in the way we feel He should. We determine to believe that He can heal but we rely on His strength no matter how He answers. I hear your heart and I am praying for you tonight and praying for your husband! Huge blessings to you!

      • darla murphy
        | Reply

        Becky, thanks so much for this reply to Vanessa. It helped me alot as I am currently struggling with a huge loss in my life. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I, like Vanessa, know the Lord can surely heal us but how can I better understand why He sometimes chooses not to for those of us that love Him and have committed our lives to Him? Any advice would be a huge gift. Bless you and your wonderful ministry currently ready the 30 Day Praise Challenge.

        • darla murphy
          | Reply

          Currently reading 30 Day Praise Challenge I meant. Forgive typo pls.

    • Resshena
      | Reply

      Healing for your husband will not come because of the amount of your faith but ONLY because of the Person you put your faith in. God is bigger than our doubts and stronger than our hopes and faith. He will determine what is best for your family. We pray “heal, Lord, but not my will, but yours be done. Give us grace to trust your Word that You will work all things for good. Amen.”

  4. Anastia Goldberg
    | Reply

    Good morning Becky Harling,
    I know ( with confidence) that this year will be a blessed year. Because ” Trust In the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 . I trust God and I love Him. I know that what ever this year brings I know he has be well prepared and ready for the good fight. I cant be specific on what the year may bring but what I can say is that, I Am Ready !

    I pray for the same for you. I pray that God has you ready for all the beautiful blessings and good fights to come. I know that he has big plans for you. Because He loves you and knows your heart.

    Thank you for writing your blogs. They really do help people . Have a wonderful day . Ana

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