Letting go and Launching Your Child

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I remember sending my first born off to kindergarten and the anxiety I felt as a parent. She felt scared, I felt anxious. She walked in cautiously, I cried all the way home. Years later, my husband and I drove her to college. She felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension. I felt a mixture of sadness and worry. But, by letting go, I was launching my child into new realms of growth and development.


Through out the entire parenting journey there is a cycle of opening your hands and letting go. Honestly, letting go is never easy. Our natural tendency as humans when we feel fear is to clutch more tightly. But, as my daughter, Stefanie teaches at our Moms Unleashed Conference, open hands to surrender, means open hands to receive blessing. The question is, how open are your hands?


As the school year begins, (for some of you it has already begun) and you once again “let go” here is a prayer to help you quiet your anxiety.


Lord, I praise You for the gift of my child. Holy One, You know my tendency as a parent is to want to hold him close. Yet, you call me to continually let go and launch him into realms of greater growth and development. As I let go, I praise you that You promise to never leave or forsake _____________________________ (child’s name). You promise to provide a shield of protection around him. Thank you that when he feels afraid, threatened, or bullied, he can call on your name. I praise You that there is authority in the name of Jesus! I praise You that You promise to be his refuge and strength. Thank You that he can pray about everything. Teach him to call on you for wisdom, protection, strength, and peace. And as I let go, Father, fill my heart with reassurance that I can trust You with my child. I open my hands and place my child in Your almighty hands, believing that You know what’s best for my child. I praise You that You are faithful! (Psalm 7:10, Hebrews 13:5, Psalm 46:1, I Thessalonians 5:17, 24)


Friend, as long as we are parents God will invite us to let go and release our children into His hands. Remember, the One who calls you to let go, is faithful to hold and continually pursue your child! You can trust Him.


I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and share one verse that you go to for comfort when you have to let go!

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    Powerful words and prayer. Thank you for your time in posting these words. I will share this prayer with my youngest sister whose firstborn is starting college.

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